Candy Crush Saga Special Candies

Introducing the Wonderful Candy Crush Saga Special Candies


As soon as you start playing Candy Crush Saga, you will realize that not all candies are identical or have got the same power to trigger special effects. On the contrary, at some point you are presented various Candy Crush Saga special candies that you can use in order to get great results. Once you become familiar with the use of these special candies, you will see that completing the levels can be facilitated a great deal. So, your goal is to find as many special candies as you can and even combine them so as to get even greater explosive effects to your best benefit.

Among the most commonly found special candies, you can find the striped candies. There are two types of striped candies, the horizontally striped and the vertically striped one. You can create such candies after having completed four candies in a row. Depending on the direction of the candies used, the stripes will either be horizontal or vertical triggering the respective effects. Moving on, there are the wrapped candies for you to benefit from. They are great, since they can trigger an explosion that leads to the surrounding candies to disappear. You can form such candies after having combined three vertical along with three horizontal candies. The combo of a striped and a wrapped candy gets even greater results. Finally, there is the colour bomb that is a sprinkle candy. You create it once you combine five similar candies in a row and you can use it either on its own or after combining with another special candy for the ultimate performance.

To sum up, candy crush saga special candies can offer you unique effects and can improve the power that you have when you make use of your every move during your gaming experience.